Candy Tastes Nice

Now I know what you’re thinking if this old cunts making all this money off of these contacts and T.V. shows

etc. why doesn’t she just take the money and run, do it with some loser on his prom night or something.

Well here is the thing my friends at the end of each contract there is line that I sign that says all payment is

contingent on my eventual virginity auction, so if I don’t do it I don’t get paid. So even though I’m eating

the caviar and sipping the champagne the student loans still aren’t paid. I’m not allowed to leave the house,

except for specific engagements so I put my women’s studies degree in my pillowcase drawer and smile,

and smile, and with each smile a new crack in the desert landscape appears creating a trail of dust at my


Miranda Huba New York Playwright

First produced at:

HERE as part of their Summer Sublet Series
June, 2010, NYC.
Directed by Shannon Sindelar.

Creative Commons License

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